In 2016 Ania’s dream came true - she got a higher drama education - Diploma of the Saint Petersburg State Theater Arts Academy, School of the Honored Artist Shestakov Vladimir. She used to have five best and fruitful academic years with excellent art direction, drama, dancing, fencing, scenic speech, and singing teachers, mainly in “Musical Theater”.

Broadway and Russian musicals, light cheerful operettas, and serious classic operas have become her favorite genre, and Anna’s annual student drama performances captivated the audience with their brightness, temperament and diversity.

Tall, thin, charismatic, unusual, funny, understanding, lyrical, loud... All these external and internal qualities generate a real tragicomic actress on stage!

In the long term, the actress Anna Klimovich has a lot of designs upon the large stage and, of course, cinema! But it’s a professional secret at the moment... Follow the website news:)

For cooperation issues:

  • Phone: + 7-921-920-82-66
  • E-mail:

Drama academic work:

  • Musical “Burlesque”, the part of Cher
  • Opera “Judith” - the part of Judith
  • Operetta “White Acacia”, the part of Tonya
  • Operetta “Women’s riot”, the part of Martha
  • Musical “Beauty and The Beast”, the part of Gaston’s girlfriend
  • Children’s musical play “Doctor Aibolit”, the part of Martha, Aibolit’s sister
  • Musical “Man of La Mancha”, the part of Aldons
  • Opera “Pagliacci”, the part of Colombina
  • Opera “Tarelkin’s death”, the part of Madam Brandahlystova’s daughter
  • Musical Play “Rock Wave”, the part of a singer from the rock band
  • Operetta “The Bayadere” (“Die Bajadere”), the part of Odette Darimond, operetta actress
  • Musical “Kiss me, Kate", girl band
  • Musical “Nord-Ost”, girl band.
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